Coaching Services

Everyone has a varying degree of issues and goals, so the firstly I must understand the issue / goal in full so we can work effectively together.

So here is how it works :

1) We have an initial free 1 on 1 session either in person or skype/facetime , depending what's the most efficient for you. Within that session we work together to fully understand and break down your issue to its core. This also gives you the chance too see if you like the way I work , lets you ask me questions about any worries or issues you have and also gives us the chance to build a bond together which will help us get the results!

2) Once I have this information we can begin to implement the Elevation program , Which we will work through together to create the person you want to be and obtain the goals you desire.

3) Once the Elevation program is complete we will analyse where you are in comparison to where you started, have your goals been met? is there another goal you want to achieve now? has your goal become bigger and will need more work? these are all things we can analyse and work together on.