My story



 I was once in your position! 

Growing up as a kid I was overweight,lazy and had absolutely NO self confidence.... As I went through childhood and schooling I never really excelled at anything at all,I was always told I had potential but never applied myself... typical. This behaviour travelled with me along my years,through various jobs all the way up to a few years ago.

I was a qualified electrician... not bad!? Yeah its not the worst job in the world but I knew it was something I had absolutely NO... and I repeat NO PASSION FOR! On top of that I was never taken seriously in the workplace,my ideas were never listened to,there was a perceived lack of experience due to my age by management so I was never given any big responsibility,I felt I was never going to get promoted or taken seriously ever!

Fast forward a few years later I discovered personal development,and I fell IN LOVE with the subject and the more I learnt the more I realised it was me who was holding me where I was .. not the job,or the boss,or because I'm a millennial in a boomers company.. It was all my mindset and attitude which created the problem.

So I got myself a coach! And working with that coach completely CHANGED MY LIFE,I got clear on who I wanted to be,what money I wanted to earn and the type of man I wanted to be the rest of my life and that was IT!

I used the knowledge I had learnt and my new mindset and I eventually became a leader within my own company,changing the perceptions of friends,family,work colleagues and management about me . 

I started managing huge emergency lighting projects in canary wharf with 10-20 electricians 20-30 years older than me! (bare in mind I was 23 at the time) I could not believe it... I had gone from this unconfident young man into this person who I never thought I could be... Along with that I became a 1st degree black belt in karate,I had so much more confidence,energy and discipline, I started doing things I never though I could achieve before.

But I still wasn't living my passion! .. So working with my coach I realised that this has impacted and changed my life so much that I have to teach it to others.. and that's where I realised my passion in life is,coaching other people and creating that breakthrough that I had.. And the rest was history!

Fast forward a few years later and I am now a fully certified NLP practioner  (Neuro linguistic programming), Hypnotherapist,timeline therapist and coach who has worked with Professional title winning boxers, mixed martial artist champions, career professionals and millennials, creating the same breakthrough that I had all those years ago!

There's a lot of info to read there but I want to get my passion across to you why coaching means so much to me! 

If you're ready to have that conversation yourself and create the career and along with the life you want to be then.....  

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