How to get noticed in the workplace if you're a young millenial

I must admit....I've been in the exact position your in right now whilst reading this, you are fairly young , full of potential , got some great ideas, ready to make a big difference and build an impactful career!.... buuuuuuuut no one listens to you because of your age and current job position , no one takes you or your ideas seriously... or matter of fact are they even listening to you in the first place? 

This was once me also , and unfortunately that's the way some businesses are, they are stuck in old out dated methods, cant move with the times and don't understand that FLEXIBILITY , ADAPTABILITY , and a LEARNING MINDSET are the most powerful tools for a leader and any business to grow. So today what I am going to teach you is some effective methods and techniques that you can use right now to start getting respected in the workplace and start getting your ideas in peoples heads!

so lets get started!

lesson 1 

I know its a hard pill to swallow but the first thing you have to understand and accept is that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.. yep I've said it ,its you! … fight it all you want but once you accept this you give yourself POWER, and what I mean by that is , once you accept its you and not them , then you have complete control over the outcome and nobody else can influence it. Its you who cant get your ideas across, its you who cant influence others and its YOU who can change this!.. take 100% responsibility for your career and the route its going to take.

lesson 2 

How you perceive yourself is how others perceive you. What this means is if you perceive yourself as someone with low confidence , low intelligence , unattractive , a pushover.. or whatever other story you tell yourself everyday , then your mind will unconsciously behave , speak and create results like thoughts your creating.. THEREFORE everyone else will notice this about you and treat you accordingly... think about it have you ever met someone who oozes assertiveness, intelligent and confidence and everyone seems to be magnetised toward them! and then on the flip side you've met someone with low confidence, slumped shoulders, head down... and you just want to get away from this person as soon as possible!? change others perception of you by first changing the perception of yourself.

lesson 3 

You may be thinking … but I don't feel confident and assertive thats the problem! , and I get that a lot of people do, but their is a big misconception that confidence and assertiveness or any other positive attribute is some god given natural ability... let me tell you it is NOT. Let me tell you the truth nice and clear... ALL POSITIVE ATRRIBUTES ARE LEARNT AND EARNT. If you want to feel more confident and assertive... act like someone who is , think like someone who is , speak like someone who is ,dress like someone who is,  use your body language like someone who is …. what happens at first it feels so unnatural , but what you must understand is all attributes are habit of nature, the more you train the body to act confident and assertive.. the more it will become second nature and a habit that you will do without even thinking, it takes time but eventually like any other skill you will learn it.


lesson 4 

Find a model. You know that you want to be more confident , more assertive or whatever else. BUT you don't know what it feels like or looks like within you so your stuck right? .. wrong! , the next stage is to find a mentor online or in person, study them and study them hard , watch how they walk , talk , if you can speak to them get an idea of how they think , how do they dress? you still want to be you but how can you incorporate their mannerisms and make it apart of you? Watch them in different situations speaking to people , groups , or handling situations... what do they do different which makes them so successful? learn it and earn it! 


Lesson 5 

Action and influence time. You've got the skills, its time to act upon it, write out a clear few sentences of the person your trying to be everyday and read it each time your going into work , a meeting , networking or any other situation you wish to be different. Its all about clarity , knowing the person that you wish to be and acting upon it every single day.



Influencing others. You have a great proposal , idea , design or whatever else is going on.. you know your target and who needs to see it , but how do you get their attention? and moreover how to you get them to buy your idea?.. here are some quick tips you can use to do this!

1) People buy on emotion and justify after with logic... so remember your selling them on the idea of the future with your idea, product , proposal etc , you need to paint them a picture of what it will be like .. the new future with your idea , not the nuts and bolts of things …. that comes later on.

2) The most important thing your selling is yourself, this is why all the steps before are so important , people are buying into you , they have to believe , trust and like you … it doesn't matter how good the product or proposal is if no one wants you!.. sell yourself before X


3) What's in it for me? Your boss needs to see how it benefits him/her , if you cant show how it benefits them its a no deal... and sad as it is most people wont do something if their is no reward for them , so show your boss the financial reward, or if their isn't one then create a reward for them! explain how good it'll make them look when it goes right.. and explain if it doesn't you will take the full responsibility and claim ownership.  

To sum up.... It can be tough being a millennial , but you have the ideas , and you are the future .. so show your worth and your value , become the best version of you , get out their and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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